Eurotour Heist-op-den-Berg

The counting equipment for this competition was not the same as for other belgian competitions. There was also some diffrences for the rules. This happened on two days: June 27 and 28. There has been 4 rounds (instead of 3) and each class of pilots was segregated.

The date and time for the first day was quite wrong in the computer.

The helper at the base B was not authorized to flag the re-entry (while the helper at base A was under strict order to flag any crossing of his line). So the time of the turn at base B is not recorded and what is displayed as the time to fly from base B to base A is in fact the addition of the time of the turn and the time to return to A. So it is less useful to pilots looking for weak points in their flying skill.

It is certain that each pilot has a profound respect for the helpers at the bases that have stayed for two days to dry in the sun.

F52 (2S Lipo or 7 NiMh) Belgian pilots only